Menudo Bandmember Carlos Olivera Kicked Off Delta Flight

Menudo band member Carlos Olivero hasn't been flying the friendly skies. The boybander was escorted by security off a Delta flight in Atlanta after refusing to put away his iPod.

The 18-year-old heartthrob, his mother, and his bandmates were on board the plane together on July 4 as it prepared to leave for Knoxville, Tennessee, when Carlos was told to leave the plane, a source says.

"A flight attendant accused Carlos of having an attitude after she asked him to turn off his iPod in preparation for takeoff," the source says. "Carlos complied and turned his iPod off, but the flight attendant then demanded he stow it. Carlos showed her again that the iPod was turned off, but he refused to stow it."

The flight attendant summoned the Delta airlines security team and demanded Carlos and his mother be escorted off the plane, the source says. His bandmates, the Menudo tech crew and management also left the plane.

The group boarded another flight, but without their tech crew since there weren't enough seats. After they arrived in Knoxville for the Star 102.1 FM Festival, they performed songs from their upcoming album in front of 75,000 fans, but without the technicians on hand the group was forced to improvised.

"When they finally took to the stage in Knoxville, they realized some of their borrowed tech equipment didn't operate properly, so they ended up performing a cappella midway through the set."

A rep for Menudo tells People, "We can confirm there was an incident on the Delta flight. The members of Menudo are on a plane nearly every day flying from one concert appearance to another so this took us totally by surprise. We've never had a problem before."

Okay, we totally get safety comes first when air travel is concerned, but doesn't it seem a little ridiculous that the air hostess insisted that Carlos not only turn off his iPod, but stow it as well? Was she worried he would get a burning desire to listen to music while the plane was taxi-ing down the runway and endanger the lives of his fellow passengers? Sounds to us like a minor incident spiraled into a battle of the egos, and we know when that happens, the guy (or girl) with the uniform always wins.