Meet the Winner of Our Date with Colby O'Donis!

So many of you ladies entered's contest to win a date with boricua pop star Colby O'Donis. And the winner is...

Keila Arias! This 19-year old college student from Bronx, New York, told us that a date with Colby would be her "biggest dream"--one that she'd even remember when she's 50! Aww.

We're thrilled to have made it come true: Colby and Keila bonded over their favorite color (blue), and he even helped her try on clothes. Of course, the highlight was when Colby serenaded Keila with his acoustic guitar and smooth vocals. After their date, we hear that the pair was reunited when Keila went to see Colby premiere his new single, "Don't Turn Back," on MiTRL...could a follow up date be in the works?

Check out our video of the date below. Felicidades, Keila!