EXCLUSIVE: Marc Anthony on the Future of Salsa Music & His New Album

When you performed earlier this year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards, we got goose bumps, thinking, this is how salsa needs to be presented. Of course, you’ll do your part by pushing the genre forward, but what else needs to happen to resuscitate salsa?

Thank you! No pressure [laughs]. Salsa has always been there. I do my part by touring pretty much all year round. Audiences react to it everywhere you go. I think the genre is in a good place. We just need to continue to carry that torch with the respect that it deserves and to keep delivering good music. I remember working on the production of ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen [Fox’s bilingual American Idol–type show he starred in with ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez] and discovering so much salsa talent—no doubt the legacy will be carried on by some of them. So salsa is here to stay!

Do you have surprises in store for your fans on the Vivir Mi Vida tour?

Well, we’re in the rehearsal and preproduction process right now. But I can say there’s nothing like that energy exchange with my fans when I’m onstage. It’s funny because I don’t choreograph my moves on stage or anything. I just follow the music and go with it. I’ve been doing salsa for quite some time, so I know the basics. It’s all about getting immersed in that rhythm. 

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