Meet Bruno Mars' Sisters: The Lylas

Hawaiian tap water must be laced with enchanted musical pixie dust. How else would you explain the Hernandez siblings—singing sisters Jaime, Tiara, Tahiti, Presley…oh, and their brother, Grammy Award–winning virtuoso Bruno Mars

Yet the Puerto Rican and Filipina hermanas, better known as pop group the Lylas (short for Love You Like a Sister), aren’t banking on Bruno’s magic wand to help their burgeoning careers. Instead, they're stepping outside their brother's shadow and into the limelight of pop stardom with their self-titled WE reality-TV show. The Lylas, follows the stylish, beautiful quartet as their experience the ups and downs of recording a debut album–all while dealing with sibling rivalries. 

Here's your primer on the beautiful sisters, and don't forget to tun in Fridays at 12/11 c on WE.

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