Listen: Calle 13's Controversial Collaboration with Mars Volta Frontman Omar Rodriguez-Lopez

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Boricua duo Calle 13 is putting the finishing touches on their upcoming fourth album, Detonacion C 13, which is expected to drop like a bomb in October.

The single “Calma Pueblo,” recorded in collaboration with Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, is already making the rounds online. The track gives listeners a peek into the mind of controversial rapper René Perez (aka Residente), whose outspokenness has made headlines in the past. This past year alone, he managed to offend Puerto Rico governor Luis Fortuño and former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe.

In the song, he explains his MO: “Yo estoy aquí para contarte lo que no cuantan los periódicos/ es el momento de la música independiente/ las personas que me siguen escuchan el mensaje/ por eso me defienden a los puños sin vendaje.” Translation: "I’m hear to tell you what the newspapers don’t say/ it’s the moment for independent music/ those that follow me hear my message/ that’s why they defend me with their unwrapped fists."

The song, which was reportedly censored by the group’s label, Sony, goes on to criticize the Vatican as the home of the “biggest mafia.” Have a listen to it here and let us know if you think it should be banned from the album.

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