Listen: Black Eyed Peas Sued for Song Theft (Again)

A singer named Phoenix Phenom is taking the Black Eyed Peas to court over allegations that the pop group stole their insanely popular song "Boom Boom Pow." Phenom is claiming that she and her partner/cowriter submitted a song entitled "Boom Dynamite" to Interscope Records which then turned into the Peas's hit single.

There's no way to prove whether or not the offense is real or perceived, although a lawyer for Phenom claims, " A simple listening of the two songs will tell you that the songs are substantially similar, and that the hooks of the two songs are virtually identical in rhythm and lyrics." But it's not that cut and dry, in fact, it was hard for us to find many similarities between the two songs besides the use of the word "Boom" and a hard dance beat. We are a bit reluctant to dismiss Miss Phenom's claims though, since this is the third time (yikes!) that the Peas have been accused of plagiarizing a song.

So we will leave it up to you to decide: Did the Black Eyed Peas rip off Phoenix Phenom?

Here's the video for "Boom Boom Pow"

And here is Phoenix Phenom in "Boom Dynamite"