LISTEN: Being Bad with Calle 13

Calle 13 is misbehaving again. And no, vocalist René Perez isn’t picking on politicians or offending the Catholic church (at least not this time). Instead, the Puerto Rican rapper is inciting listeners to misbehave on “Vamo’ a Portarnos Mal,” the latest single from the duo’s upcoming fourth album, Calma Pueblo (out October 26; Sony Music Latin).

The merengue track encourages everyone to break the rules once in a while. “This isn’t about rebellion/ it’s about being undisciplined for just one day,” says the Boricua, who is known for not always subscribing to society’s norms. “We love disorder,” he hollers.

The 32-year-old even mentions the year 2012, which according to the Mayan calendar marks the end of the world. His message is clear: Life is short so let your hair down and go a bit crazy. The song is an invitation to be naughty—even if it’s only on the dance floor.

So, what are you waiting for?

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