Lenny & Max From Aventura Forming Their Own Band

Lenny and Max, members of the bachata super group Aventura, have started another band of their own called D’El3ment. The group is comprised of brothers Len and Max Santos, along with vocalists Sammy Genao and Aileen Rosario. Though they’re sticking to the same genre of Latin tropical music that Aventura has been credited with refreshing and making popular among younger audiences, what’s going to set D’El3ment apart is the infusion of techno and dance beats.

Of course the announcement of Lenny and Max’s new musical project has the rumor mill spinning again that Aventura is disbanding (Romeo is also working on a solo album), but they maintain that they are not breaking up.

"We are starting fresh, but we are positioned high which for us is something marvelous!" Max said of the new project.
"The sound is now more upbeat and energetic. We are trying to put our part in every song we are recording," Lenny pointed out about their new style.

D’El3ment is gearing up to work on the video for their first single, “Me & You.”  Stay tuned!