10 Latinos Who Rocked the National Anthem

For every American, there’s something special about hearing our countries anthem being sung, especially by music’s finest! Check out these Latinos that showed their patriotic side and did the national anthem justice. Who would you love to see perform the anthem?

1. Fergie


Despite recently drawing criticism for her "The Star Spangle Banner" rendition, in the past, she has proved she is more than just a pop singer as she belted out an impressive version of the national anthem for Monday Night Football viewers back in September 2011. Always the fashionista, Fergie showed her love for the Miami Dolphins as the played the New England Patriots by sporting a Dolphin blue dress while singing the patriotic song.

2. Sofia Carson


Disney Channel star Sofia Carson turned head went she sang the national anthem at the 2017 A Capitol Fourth on PBS to help celebrate America's 241st birthday. Rocking a beautiful princess ball gown, the powerhouse singer killed every single note. 

3. Becky G


Back in 2016, the "Mayores" singer sang the National Anthem for the Oakland Raiders and Houston Texans game. Her performance was a memorable one since the game was hosted at Estadio Azteca in Mexico. 


4. Demi Lovato


The X-Factor judge recently wowed viewers across the nation with her rendition of the national anthem for game four of the World Series 2012. The singer performed at Detroit’s Comerica Park right before the San Francisco Giants beat the Detroit Tigers to take the title. Demi tweeted her excitement to her fans before heading out to the field, “So excited to sing the National Anthem at game 4 of the World Series tonight!!!!!”

5. Luis Fonsi


The mastermind behind the biggest hit of 2017, sang the National Anthem before the Dolphins VS Texans game back in 2011. Of course, given his impressive vocal skills, he absolutely nails the performance. 

6. Christina Aguilera


Who could forget Christina Aguilera flubbing the words to the national anthem at the Super Bowl XLV in 2011? While it’s easy to focus on Xtina’s epic mistake, let’s not forget her amazing national anthem performance at the NBA Championship back in 2010! The singer did such a great job, she was asked to sing for them again during the showdown between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics and true to form, she nailed it, words and all! 

7. Marc Anthony


Latin crooner Marc Anthony was the picture of patriotism when he took the stage at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, to sing the national anthem. Anthony stunned the crowd with his pitch-perfect performance.  

8. Gloria Estefan


Gloria Estefan serenaded over 1,000 immigrants at a naturalization ceremony on July 4, 2007. The participants (mostly from Latin American countries) celebrated the Fourth of July by becoming U.S. citizens at Walt Disney World. Gloria sang the national anthem in a ceremony before Cinderella's castle at the Magic Kingdom.

9. Mariah Carey


There’s never been a voice quite like Mariah Carey’s and she proves it again and again, like during her performance of the national anthem at the Super Bowl XXXVI back in 2002. The singer was criticized after admitting her version was pre-recorded but later explained that was a standard procedure due to the echo in the football arena. Recorded or not, Mariah did our nation’s anthem justice!


10. Jaime Camil


Actor Jaime Camil sang  the Mexican National Anthem and the Star Spangled Banner during the Dodgers vs. Rockies game back in 2015. After the performance, the star, known for starring on the popular series Jane The Virgin, told Hoy Los Angeles, "It was beautiful. They told me that this was the first time anyone sang the Mexican national anthem at Dodger Stadium,"