LATINOMETER <br/> Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is, like, so hot right now. But even the world's biggest popstar recognizes the value of keeping in touch with his, er, Latin roots. From dating an A-list Latina, to jumping on the telenovela-to-mainstream bandwagon, Justin Timberlake is pulling out all the stops to cross over into Latino territory. But not so fast, Justin. First, we have to put you through our rigorous audit to see if you're worthy of Honorary Latino status. We've broken down Justin's vital stats to determine his score on the Latinometer...


  • Dated Britney Spears. Granted, it was when she was a smokin' hot, blonde pop tart rather than the hot mess she's become, but those matching denim outfits didn't slip past us.
  • Reportedly has an ego to rival Hugo Chavez's. Just because he has the skills to back it up doesn't mean it's ok to talk down to la gente.
  • Remember his frosted curls from the *NSYNC days? We do.
  • Two words: Wardrobe. Malfunction. We're sure there are slicker ways to get a girl to show you her boobs. Just ask Joe Francis.


  • Dated Cameron Diaz. Talk about an upgrade from that other blonde.
  • Makes some damn sexy music, including the club-bumper "Señorita".
  • Toured with Christina Aguilera to bring us one of the best double-bills this decade.
  • Knows how to stand up for his boys. When BFF and business partner Juan 'Trace' Ayala was very publicly dumped by his fiancè Elisha Cuthbert, Justin put her on blast by releasing the track "What Goes Around...Comes Around". Sweet revenge and a top 40 hit? Not bad, JT.
  • Is following Salma Hayek's lead as performer-turned-producer. In March 2008, Justin got the green light to produce an American adaptation of the hit Peruvian comedy My Trouble with Women for NBC. Episodes should hit airwaves sometime next year.

JT may have made some questionable decisions in the past (girlfriends, hairdos), but homeboy is on top of his game now, and fully embracing his inner Latino. We wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating galletas.