Latina's Ultimate Summer Jam Playlist!

Iced coffee runs, shorter hemlines and the smell of barbeque that's been following us around are just a few signs that summer is in full swing! We’re keeping our beach bag packed and ready for spontaneous trips to the shore, and it wouldn’t be complete without an iPod jammed with summer anthems.

We put together a playlist of a few favorites from past and present—keep it in your rotation and it will feel like summer all year long.

1. Daddy Yankee, “Gasolina”

Daddy Yankee, “Gasolina”

These days, the word “gasolina” makes us think of maxing out our credit card at the tank, but in 2004 it made Daddy Yankee a superstar around the world and put reggaeton on the map, but most importantly, it still makes us want to dance!

2. Ozomatli, “Como Ves”

Ozomatli, “Como Ves”

Los Angeles natives know that there are just three requirements for a perfect summer block party: ice-cold michelada, carne asada on the grill and Ozomatli blasting from a distant boom box. This track is so evocative of West Coast summertime, we should cover it in sunblock.

3. Calle 13, “Atrevete”

Calle 13, “Atrevete te te”

It feels like summertime year round in Puerto Rico, and San Juan natives Calle 13 take us through one heat-soaked day with this video that reminds us of Ice Cube’s “Good Day”—with a bit of their signature bizarre sense of humor, of course.

4. Kat Deluna "Whine Up"

Kat Deluna, “Whine Up”

Kat shows us how NY girls do summer in this song that makes us want to pop a fire hydrant and get soaked.

5. Mana "Oye Mi Amor"

Mana, “Oye Mi Amor”

This one is made for lazy Sunday afternoon barbeques and road trips up the coast (in our imaginary cherry red convertible, of course).

6. Jennifer Lopez, “Let’s Get Loud”

Jennifer Lopez, “Let’s Get Loud”

This may be one of Jenny’s more minor hits (she didn’t even make an official music video for it), but it automatically transports us from cubicle to block party.

7. Big Pun "Still Not a Player"

Big Pun feat. Joe, “Don’t Want to Be a Player No More”

The song has nothing to do with summer, but for some reason the beat from this Big Pun classic is perfect for channeling your inner Boricua and cruising the boulevard—whether in Miami, Washington Heights, LA or San Juan—with the top down.

8. Pitbull feat. T-Pain “Hey Baby (Drop it to the Floor)”

We can hardly think of a Pitbull track that doesn’t feel like a summer anthem, so limiting ourselves to one was no easy task. Instead of digging out classics like “C*lo” or “Bojangles” we opted for his latest single, the dance ditty that makes us want to grab a mojito and well, drop it to the floor!

9. Christina Aguilera, “I Hate Boys”

Christina Aguilera, “I Hate Boys”

Everybody knows summer is a great time to be single, and Xtina’s latest girl power anthem is the perfect background music to get ready for ladies night at the club.

10. Marc Anthony, “I Need to Know”

Marc Anthony, “I Need to Know”

Marc Anthony’s first major crossover hit, released in the summer of 1999, brought the vibe of a sweaty uptown salsa club to top 40 radio. This song will forever make us want to put on a short dress, throw our hair up in a bun and wind our bodies on the dance floor.