Exclusive: Fat Joe Attacks Daddy Yankee

There's a reason why people say it's never a good idea to discuss politics at dinner. Fat Joe certainly lost his appetite after hearing that Daddy Yankee has decided to officially support John McCain for president of the United States, and he has a few choice words for the reggaetonero.

"Anyone who says McCain understands Latinos better than Barack Obama is crazy," Fat Joe tells "It scared the s*** out of me when Daddy Yankee was standing next to this dude. I couldn’t believe it! Yo, this guy’s crazy, man. He says he’s not a Republican, but he believes in John McCain? I read an interview where he said he met him and thought he was a nice guy. Everybody’s a nice guy! Everybody’s going to smile at you and be a nice guy!"

Joe's ire against Daddy Yankee began last week when—after learning that Yankee would be performing at the Republican National Convention—Joe referred to Yankee as a sellout. "He either sold out for a photo op/publicity or he’s just not well educated on politics," Joe reasons. "Now, if you’re a public figure like Daddy Yankee is, and you’re not well educated on politics, then how are you going to go tell people who look up to you, ‘cause they like your music, go vote for this guy, when you don’t even know what the guy is standing for?"

The rapper also contends that Daddy Yankee doesn't exactly fit the Republican mold. "Look at the people who've endorsed McCain, they’ve been country singers, who are for the All-American USA. Daddy Yankee is the only outcast," Joe insists.

"He can’t even vote anyway," Joe continues with disdain. "He’s got to come to New York and vote." Our records confirm that Daddy Yankee is indeed a resident of Puerto Rico (and therefore isn't elegible to vote in the general election), and is not a registered Republican.

It's not uncommon for politics to make a person extremely passionate (just check out these comments if you need proof), but we think Fat Joe should give Daddy Yankee a little bit more credit. We suggest a live, televised debate to settle this once in for all. A Fat Joe/Daddy Yankee face-off could just overshadow the election itself!