Exclusive: Daddy Yankee Responds to McCain Loss

Daddy Yankee may have wound up on the wrong side of history by deciding to side with Republican candidate John McCain during the election, but the reggaeton superstar doesn't have any hard feelings about the outcome.

We caught up with Yankee at a launch event for his men's fragrance at Macy's in New York City, and he took a break from signing autographs and meeting with fans to give us his thoughts on the nomination of President Elect Barack Obama.

"I respect the people's decision," Yankee told us. "That's the good thing about living in a country where democracy exists. Now it is the job of all of us to work as a team and come together like brothers for the good of this nation."

We can't help but wonder if Daddy Yankee regrets so publicly supporting McCain (he even performed at the Republican National Convention), but at least he's gracious enough to set his, uh, politics aside and share in the collective excitement most of us are feeling this week.