Latin Grammy Nominees Camila Continue to Captivate

Mexican pop rock trio Camila has soared to platinum status in the U.S. with their second album Dejarte de Amar. Now that they’ve been nominated for four Latin Grammys (Record of the Year, Best Pop Album, Best Song of the Year and Album of the Year), they’re on their way to making this a stellar 2010. I got a chance to talk to guitarist Pablo Hurtado about the band’s success and here’s what he had to say: 

What role does each member of the group play?

Mario Domm is an amazing writer; he’s composed many of the songs from Camila. He also plays the role of singer, pianist and producer. Samo has an impressive voice. He’s excellent at harmonizing melodies. I create musical arrangements. I like to "dress" each song with melodies and interesting chords that enrich the main melody.

How would you define your sound?

Camila's sound is the sum of the individual sounds of the three members. Our respective musical influences come together to create a vocal style that blends soul, gospel and R & B with musical arrangements oriented towards pop, rock and blues. We like to give a powerful sound to ballads.

How has the group evolved since you started?

From the first disc, Todo Cambió, to the second, Dejarte Amar, our sound became more explosive, full of energy and drama. We included string arrangements on several songs. Playing together for three years during our first tour and living an endless number of experiences has allowed us to evolve naturally in the way we write and play.

You were nominated for four Latin Grammys; what was your reaction when you heard the news?

We were surprised, flattered and happy because we did not expect to have so many nominations. The Grammy is an important recognition because it means that the community of musicians, engineers and producers appreciate the quality of your work.

You were nominated for Best Song, what was the inspiration behind “Mientes”?

“Mientes” is a song I wrote with Monica Mario Velez. It’s inspired by a true story, a moment of disappointment when he realized that his partner was hiding things. I think people identify with it because almost everyone has been lied to at some point in their life.

How did you celebrate the nominations?

We have a very busy concert schedule so the best way to celebrate is to share our music with audiences in various cities. We were just in Barquisimeto, Venezuela in front of more than 70 000 people; we feel very privileged and blessed to be able to live a moment like that in our career. We have a long tour ahead of us that will take us through Latin America and Spain.

You’re performing at the Hispanic Heritage Awards at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on September 29; what does it mean to be part of this event?

It is the first time we do something like this. We’re going to meet Obama. How crazy is that? We appreciate the invitation and we plan to take the name of Mexico very high as we are proud of our country and to be part of a passionate and hard working community: the Latino community.