Latin Artists Band Together to Sue Grammys

Alejandro Sanz, Oscar D'León, and a slew of other artists have come together to support a lawsuit filed against the Grammys Awards. The lawsuit surrounds the recent axing of a number of prizes by the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS)—also known as America’s Recording Academy—the organization that oversees the distribution of the coveted awards. Among the 31 total awards cut were recognitions for Latin jazz, salsa, traditional blues, Hawaiian and Native-American music.

Bobby Sanabria, a Latin jazz musician of Puerto Rican descent, initiated the class-action lawsuit against the Recording Academy chiefs along with composer Mark Levine, Ben Lapidus and Eugene Marlow. Sanabria wants the academy to reverse their decision before the 54th annual Grammys next February—specifically asking that the Best Latin Jazz Album category be reinstated. His lawyer, Roger Maldonado, said the Academy bosses should not have cut categories.  “Not only does it devalue the category of music and the work these musicians do,” he pointed out, “it makes it much harder for them to gain recognition.”

In addition to the lawsuit, the artists are organizing a boycott against CBS, which airs the Grammys awards ceremony. For more information, visit