Latin America to Justin Bieber: GET OUT!

Dear Justin Bieber,

We were so excited when we heard the news! We couldn’t wait for you to bring the Believe Tour to us! Our hotels were vying for your stay, our clubs were waiting for you to drop dollars, and our beaches were waiting for you tan your baby skin. It’s not every day that we get to host one of the biggest global pop stars, and we were ready and willing. And then things just took a sad, sad turn...

First, you hit up Colombia. You love Colombia so much you bought a mansion in Cartagena. Yet, if you love it so much why did you deface it? During your tour stop in Bogota, you painted graffiti (a marijuana leaf on your Canadian flag) in an area of the city where it’s banned while the cops protected you! Police-protected graffiti! That’s so hip-hop of you! Miley Cyrus, the current faux queen of hip-hop, would be proud. Did we mention a teenager, Diego Felice Becerra, was killed in 2011 for doing graffiti in a similar area in Colombia? Crazy, right? To believe your rights aren’t respected in your own country. But you’re Justin Bieber, so who cares?