Latin America to Justin Bieber: GET OUT!

Your next stop on your Bieber Balls Out Tour was Brazil. We know, we know, it’s Brazil and they have a reputation for beautiful women and lively parties and you’re only 19 and exorbitantly rich. You couldn’t help but let Biebito out and play. But really a brothel? You have to pay for love? C'mon! You and I know exactly what goes down in Centaurus. (Well, after allegedly spending three hours there, we’re sure you know.)

Then, of course, there’s Tati Neves. The Brazilian model who filmed you (not cool) while you were sleeping (post-sex?). We'll admit it: This one’s not on you, it’s on us. I mean whenever we have a “good time” with someone we keep it on the DL. If it's any consolation, she went on to say how large your teenage manhood is... so that's a good thing, right?

Now, the ultimate diss you saved for Argentina. A few days ago during a performance there you stomped on the Argentinean flag! Fans tossed it onto stage, hoping you would raise it over your head and pay respect as most singers do. Yet, you said you thought it was a shirt. Sure, you apologized but it’s too little too late at this point. We’re done! We don’t Belieb you anymore! Three words: Go kick rocks! Two more words: GET OUT!


Latin America

P.S.: Tell Miley to stay out.