LAMC Days 1 & 2

1. alt 01

Mexico City indie rockers Zoe looking muy rock star-like, at New York's Roosevelt Hotel.

2. alt 02

The Dey at the Roosevelt Hotel. Elan looks stunning...but we spotted her lip-synching.

3. alt 03

Venezuelan hip-hoppers Tres Dueños strike a tough-guy pose. If they look familiar, you've probably seen Secuestro Express (they appear in the film.)

4. alt 04

Alejandra Alberti rocking the BMI showcase.

5. alt 05

Austin TV at the Acoustic Showcase, looking as surreal as their album--which uses only sounds, and no vocals, to tell the story of un señor lost in the woods.

6. alt 06

It was sooo dark inside the BMI Showcase, but maybe if you squint, you can see Monte Negro rocking out, old-school style.

7. alt 07

Melodious Mexican rockers Liquits (think an indie version of Mana) hanging out at the hotel.

8. alt 08

The undisputed Queen of hip hop en Español, la Mala Rodriguez.