Kehlani Just Got $50K for a New Tech Startup


We’re used to hearing about celebs getting endorsements and partnering with major brands on beauty or fashion deals. But we don’t hear about artists getting into the tech game all that much.

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But artist Kehlani isn’t like other celebrities. As TechCrunch reports, the singer-songwriter is launching a health and wellness brand, called Flora, and she just got some major backing for it.

The brand, which the “Honey” singer co-founded, is aimed at her audience of 16 through 25 year olds, just got a $50,000 investment from Arian Hamilton’s venture capital firm, Backstage Capital, which focuses on funding people of color.

“Bridging the gap between my career, activism & my audience is important to me as a next step,” Kehlani told TechCrunch. “I am incredibly honored to work with Arlan, not only due to her outstanding work in the tech world, but her consistency in supporting queer women of color. I look forward to creating positive change & making strides in tech.”

The self described “Artivist” also posted news of the partnership on her Instagram page, saying, “Firstly, incredibly honored to even be on TechCrunch, secondly VERY honored to announce our link up with @arlanwashere @ Backstage Capital. Ive slightly mentioned my interest in tech, yearning to bridge the gap between my activism and career in a fresh new way and this is it. I cant wait to share this idea, I havent believed in something like this in a while. Proud to say we joined forces with a woman specifically looking to support queer/POC/women, its more than key for our mission to have lined up than anything in the world. See you at AfroTech, and believe in your dreams, because anything is possible."


We’re not really sure what Flora will look like. So far the site just has an option to sign up for newsletters and is labeled as “curated green content.” But we’ll be watching to see what happens. We could all use a little health and wellness help, that's for sure.

H/T: TechCrunch