Kat DeLuna Tells What She Loves About Akon

Dominicana Kat DeLuna is gearing up for the release of her sophomore album Inside Out, slated for release this fall. The video for the first single, “Push Push,” features Akon and shows the 22-year-old songbird all glammed up. We asked Kat what it was like to work with Akon and how she connected with Project Runway's Christian Siriano, who styled "Push Push."

How was working with Akon on the first single “Push Push”?

The album was ready [but] we still needed a song that was reminiscent of my music from three years ago. The president of Motown thought we’d sound good together. Akon and I have been friends from before. He’s so humble. He’s one of the people that get it. I love that about him. The song was written by me, Akon and two more core writers. We had a party in there.

Where did the title "Push Push" come from?

I have a nephew, Nathan, who’s three years old. Every time he wants me to open something for him, he says ‘tia, push, push.’ I thought ‘OMG, push, push baby!” Ever since I was a little girl, I get inspired by everything: Family, friends, the ocean, the sky.

How did you get involved with Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, who styled your new video?

It was 2009 during Fashion Week and we went to the same after-party. It was so packed. So here I am, I’m exiting the doorway and I go through the back. I bumped into Christian. He was like ‘Kat,’ I was like ‘Christian.’ We totally clicked and became good friends. We go over each other’s houses. He’s my mentor and started rebuilding my look. He styled the video. He designed the dress. He literally put that together. I’m such a fan of his. The kid—I like to call him “the kid”— knows his craft the same way I wake up and write a song and sing opera.