Kat DeLuna on Her New Album: "I Stripped Myself Emotionally"

It’s been three years since Dominican pop star Kat DeLuna whined her way into our lives with the 2007 hit “Whine Up” from the debut album 9 Lives and now she’s finally back with a new, more “risqué” look as she puts the finishing touches on her upcoming CD Inside Out (GMB/Universal Motown).  Here's what Kat had to say about the project:

What have you been doing since your first album, 9 Lives?

Mid-2008 till 2009 I was touring in Europe and Africa and parts of Russia. In 2009, I decided to record my album, Inside Out, which comes out early fall.

What’s the title mean to you?

I stripped myself emotionally as a person. I want my fans to get to know Kat on another level. I’m 22 now. I’ve experienced more musically; I’ve grown vocally; I’ve evolved style-wise; I’ve traveled around the world. As you grow older, you add more to your personality. I have a new look, too. I have bangs; I’m a bit blonder. I’m being more risqué.

What can you tell us about the album?

Every song was recorded in a different country. One of my fans, named EightySix, produced the whole album. I met him in Belgium; he asked us to come backstage and brought a CD with music. We thought ‘OMG that’s amazing’ when we heard it. I put aside everything that I had recorded [till then] and I said ‘I have to restart.’ This kid had the elements that I was looking for. There’s only one duet with Akon. I’ve been lucky to have collabos but I wanted my fans to hear me and get the real Kat. [The album] has that dance, pop, electro Kat Deluna sound but you’ll hear the growth.