LISTEN: Karen Rodriguez Makes Her Roc Nation Latin Debut with "La Tonta de Abril" on TIDAL

What’s bad for your heart is good for your art!

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Romeo Santos debuted his Roc Nation Latin protégé Karen Rodriguez’s first single on TIDAL today, in both English and Spanish! The singles are fittingly titled “Happy April Fools” and “La Tonta de Abril.” The bilingual Peruvian-Dominican singer shared the heartbreaking experience behind her new music. “Five years ago I was excited to attend a party with a boy I was seeing. I got dressed up for the April Fools themed event, and he never showed up. I literally waited to the end of the party for him. I was there until the venue was empty, but I never heard from him again,” Rodriguez told us.

The joke was on her. While many of us would have taken this prank-gone-bad as the cue to curl into the fetus position with our hurt feelings, Rodriguez chose to write instead. "I went home that night and recorded the song on the GarageBand App immediately. He will probably hear this song and not even realize it is about him," she continued. Taking great dignity in her resourcefulness, Rodriguez carried her pride and iPad to the studio the next day. "Romeo and the team were able to create the same cords that were on the app. I think people assume I am too good to be true. I really write all of my music in both English and Spanish. These songs have been quietly collecting dust. [Laughs] I’ve wanted to release this [music] for years, but Romeo told me to hold on,” she said.

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Rodriguez is light-years away from her American Idol days, and is enthusiastic to upgrade her fans from her well-known viral song covers. As for her  Beyoncé “Best Thing I Never Had" moment —  her gloomy experience brightly highlights her talent like never before! Listen below to the details of her former beaus’ tough loss.