EXCLUSIVE: Justin Quiles Talks New Single "Maria" & Writing for Yandel's Album!

Introducing Latin Urban-Pop Singer Justin Quiles!

Meet Justin Quiles, your next Latin urban-pop music obsession. The 24-year-old singer premiered his highly anticipated music video of the summer, "Maria," last month and has fans everywhere dancing. Dubbed the promising new voice of the Latin urban-pop genre, Quiles has already composed music for other artists, released three singles on his own, and conquered the Billboard charts.

The "Maria" singer stopped by our office to chat about his latest single, give us the scoop on his upcoming album, and more!

Check it all out in our exclusive interview below:

With additional reporting by Milagros Cruz and Daniela Galvez

Can you briefly tell us about your single and the inspiration behind it?

Well the name of my single is “Maria.” The beat is real different and has different sounds. It has the flute, guitars, it has electric sounds and it’s different ‘cause it’s like a tropical pop. I don’t think there is a genre like that. I mixed tropical music with pop music and I came up with “Maria,” so it was cool. I worked with this producer from Argentina [who] does crazy stuff like that. That’s why I called him and asked him for some beats, and he sent me the “Maria” beats and I started writing to it.

It’s something really nice for the summer. I don’t talk about like a story, it’s more about partying. You seen the movie Superbad?


The video is like Superbad.

Sounds like fun! So we were looking through Instagram and we saw the contest you’re running, can you tell us a little bit about that and the #yosoymaria?

I’m doing this contest for my fans. I just wanted to give back to the fans and support them too ‘cause they support me a lot. Fans use #yosoymaria then they write where they come from and why I should pick her. We are going to pick the best one we think is Maria. We are going to take her to Michael Mina, she is going to have dinner with me and then we are going to give her two tickets for Premios Juventud. She is going to have a chance to get a makeover done with DNA makeup, so it’s something cool for the fans.

We kind of took Maria for being this figure of a woman or someone you are looking for, is that correct?

No, not necessarily. [Laughs]

Okay fair enough. [Laughs] So how was your experience making the music video?

We did a one-shot video, so it didn’t get any editing or nothing. You’ve seen videos like that before? On the American side people [have] done it, but on the Latin side, I think I’m the first Latin artist that has done that, so that’s super cool. Now I want all my videos to be one-shot so it could be my trademark in the Latin industry. And it was crazy ‘cause we tried the shot like 15 times. It was in Miami and the sun and the heat and everyone was sweating. It was real crazy but we finally got the shot, like the tenth time we did it I think, we got the shot. It was pretty cool. It was hard but we found what we were looking for.

How long do you think it took, roughly?

Probably like two to three hours. We started from the beginning and hit it again and again for two hours in a row.

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