Juan Luis Guerra Is Back & Better Than Ever!

Chances are bachata king Juan Luis Guerra has provided the soundtrack for more than one of your romantic interludes. Latina.com caught up with the Dominican crooner, who has a new album out entitled A Son de Guerra (EMI) that is sure to make you swoon some more.

Do you have a favorite song on A Son de Guerra?
Every song plays a different role. I’m happy with the whole thing.
We love “La Calle,” which you made with Juanes.
I enjoy every collaboration. I really liked working with Juanes; he’s a special guy, very sweet and a great musician. We were able to rockear.
Not long ago you organized a concert to benefit Haiti; what inspires you to help others?
Compassion. We were able to raise $2.5 million, which is a lot of money. We’re building a children’s hospital. It was a special night. The musicians that participated [names like Juanes, Luis Fonsi, Enrique Iglesias, Miguel Bose and Alejandro Sanz] really wanted to help. They didn’t think about themselves but the necessity of others. It’s my wish that we can do these types of events for other causes—there’s a lot of need in the world.
You’ve written songs about poverty, immigration and many other social themes; where do you find inspiration?
Inspiration can come from wherever: a newspaper, your wife, your child. When you walk into the studio, you know you’re going to compose. It’s like when you sit at the table, you know you’re going to eat. It’s creativity. For example, “Visa Para un Sueño” came from a newspaper article. There are two socially-themed songs on this CD: “La Guagua” and “Apaga y Vamonos.”
Who inspires your  romantic songs?
The relationship I have with my wife, whom I’ve been with for 25 years.
What’s the secret for a long marriage?
There are two things that help: Don’t let the sun set on your problems. In other words, resolve any arguments you have that same day. And try to please each other.
What effect do you want your music to have on others?
I want people to feel happiness when they listen to my music. There are so many problems in the world. I want to give people peace, solace and hope.

What do you do when you’re not writing or singing?
I take care of my plants. I have a lot of pine trees. I tend to them. I also feed my fish and play basketball.

Do you talk to your plants?
How do you know? I tell them that they’re the prettiest pines in the world. And they are.