Jorge Nuñez Voted Off "American Idol"

Somewhere Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are weeping, but this time, it's not tears of joy. Aspiring pop star Jorge Nuñez was eliminated from American Idol last night, as voters showed their disappointment in his performance of Michael Jackson's "Never Can Say Goodbye" (watch the video here). A record 33 million viewers decided that Nuñez would be one of the first Top 12 contestants voted off—Jasmine Murray was eliminated shortly before him—and though the show introduced a new "Save" rule wherein the four judges can bring back an eliminated contestant, they chose not to use it on the boricua singer. spoke with Nuñez in happier times (seven days ago), and the singer could hardly find the words to express his joy over making it to the Top 12. "It's a lot of pressure, yeah, but it’s a lot of pride, too. I feel really happy to be representing my country and showing the talent that we have to offer."

For his part, Nuñez appeared to be unsurprised by his early departure—deep down, he must have known that the performance was as awkard and corny as the judges said—and didn't shed a single tear. We're not sure whether the same can be said for his celebrity fans, though.

But don't worry, Jorge-lovers: we have no doubt that Marc Anthony will be inviting the 20-year-old to join him onstage very soon. And in the meantime, we'll comfort ourselves with the fact that our favorite contestant, El Salvadorean rocker-chica Allison Iraheta, is still in the running on Idol. We're counting on you, girl!

Are you sad to see Jorge Nuñez eliminated so soon, or do you think he deserved to get the boot?

WATCH: Jorge Nuñez is eliminated from American Idol