EXCLUSIVE: Johann Vera Spills the Tea on His New Single "Pretty Girl"& Upcoming EP

EXCLUSIVE: Johann Vera Spills the Tea on his New Single "Pretty Girl"

Johann Vera is hitting the music scene and #TeamJohann needs to get ready. We spoke to the former La Banda star and he gave us all of the details on his new single "Pretty Girl." Check out what he had to say and watch the music video for the sure to be hit below: 

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Talk to us about your song, Pretty Girl.

Besides it being my first single, I think the song is a symbol of all of the work and time that has been put into it. I started when I was 11 years old doing X Factor in Colombia. I got to the U.S. three years ago and went from having to audition just to be an extra in a really bad telenovela to La Banda. Even on the show, it was not easy because in the first audition, I didn’t even get the score I needed. I had to fight for my spot and hope that the judges would save me. The whole show was a constant fight and making it to the final week and then getting eliminated. You have to get up from all of that and shake it off. I just decided to take the independent route and use all of the contacts and everyone that I met. I just started asking favors from everyone I knew and reuniting an amazing team. They are all doing it because they believe in me. I’ve just been getting fans to know me and they really support me and want me to do really well. That for me is the most important thing and that’s why I wanted it to be something that if you hear on the radio, you think this is your song. Finally, everything is all coming together and I just wanted to dedicate it to all of those people that have supported me and have believed in me. I assure you that if I didn’t have Team Johann, I would have stopped a long time ago.

Does going out on your own make you nervous or are you excited to see what will happen?

I just think it’s really exciting for me. To be honest, I would not say I’m on my own because I’ve been able to get an amazing team behind me. I just feel like it’s a completely different experience but at the same time, it’s great because there is so much love and so much passion from everyone that is working on this. We all want this to succeed and we’ve been giving it 100 percent. They are all doing it just for the fact that they want to see good stuff from me. I’ve been doing it so that all of the people that support me see that with hard work and dedication, you can do whatever you want. You don’t need millions of dollars or the biggest companies to go where you want. It’s in you. I think it’s a great experience and it has a great story behind everything that is going on.

Where did you draw inspiration for the song?

I think it just came from love and how relationships are getting harder instead of getting easier. Even though you find the right girl or the right person you just do stupid things and have to let them go. I think the main thing behind all of that is that hidden message of: this is your song and this is for the people. I am here and we are making great things. It’s all for those pretty girls.

Do you have a pretty girl in your life?

No. Right now, there is no pretty girl. I am single and ready to mingle. Actually, after La Banda’s craziness, I needed full time to get up and do work every single day. There is a lot of people that are supporting it and I just thought that I needed to be fully focused. I just need to work and now love will come.

How do you think being on La Banda really shaped you to be in the music industry?

La Banda helped me so much besides the contacts because I always wanted to be on the show. My main goal was not to win or anything but just show my talent to the world. I think that goal was set up because after that I had the opportunity to work with everyone that I am working with now. I have the support from Univision, Ricky Martin and Laura Pausini. I’ll be opening some shows with her. I still have some contact with Alejandro Sanz too. Besides being a school for and working with amazing people, it showed me how much I really wanted this. It showed me the path that I need to take in order to get there and that I want to do this for the rest of my life.

Has Ricky Martin, Laura Pausini or Alejandro Sanz given you any advice?

They always have. I talk to Laura and Ricky a lot. They are always there with me and for me that’s really important. They are superstars and really know how to do things. I think it’s great to have their support.

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