J.Lo's "On the Floor" Vs. Kat De Luna's "Party O'Clock"

Some people are questioning producer RedOne and Jennifer Lopez on the origins of her new single featuring Pitbull, "On the Floor."

Critics are pointing out similarities between the new song and a single Kat de Luna released back in November of 2010 in Europe called "Party O'Clock." We can't lie, the competing dance ditties do share similar lyrics and a general sound—but isn't producer RedOne (who created both songs) more to blame for this faux-pas than either of these Latin divas?

Kat is just excited to be mentioned in the same sentence as iconic pop star Jennifer Lopez, telling the New York Daily News, "It's cool that artists like J.Lo are inspired by my musical sound and style. Jennifer helped pave the way for Latinas like myself. I love her."

Take a listen to both songs and judge for yourself:

Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull "On the Floor"

Kate de Luna "Party O'Clock"