Jennifer Lopez Goes Back to School for First Post-Babies Performance

Forget billionaires in Dubai or Russia, the lucky ones who got a private performance from Jennifer Lopez are a group of graduating students at PS 37, a school for autistic children in Staten Island, New York. Jennifer dropped in on the young graduates after she heard they became obsessed with her after their teacher showed them the video for her single "Let's Get Loud," the Associated Press reports.

The students learned the dance moves and the lyrics from the video, their teacher Kathy Amati says, and then wrote fan letters to Jenny. "From the minute we wrote the letters, they just automatically thought she would come," Ms. Amati said. On Tuesday, their wish came true when Jennifer's reps called the school, wanting to know the time of the graduation ceremony because she wanted to attend.

For all the rumors of her ostentatious lifestyle and codependent marriage, Jennifer Lopez really does seem to have a big heart when it matters. Maybe it is true, her love don't cost a thing.