Jennifer Lopez Demands $1 Million for Single Performance in Russia

Looks like breastfeeding and burping babies isn't making Jennifer Lopez any less of a high-maintenance diva. When asked to perform at a Moscow awards show sponsored by the Russian television channel Muz TV, Jennifer reportedly submitted a list of terms and conditions a mile long, including a $1 million paycheck.

Here are some of Jenny's other demands, according to the Russian newspaper Komsomólskaya Pravda: accommodations at the Ritz Carlton for the Lopez-Anthony's along with an entourage of 25, including musicians, assistants and nannies, a dressing room outfitted with light-hued furniture and black towels, and platters of crepes, black caviar, fruits and cheese for Jennifer and her family.

As much as we want to hate on Jennifer's outrageous behavior, would we really want her any other way? Definitely not, especially while she's filming her new reality show.