Jenni Rivera's Best and Worst Moments Ever!

Jenni Rivera has survived more drama than most telenovela protagonists. While her personal life is often a topic of conversation, with over 20 million albums sold there’s no doubt that she is a talented star and above all – a survivor. We are counting down Jenni Rivera’s best and worst moments in her career. Can you relate to Jenni Rivera’s triumphs and struggles?

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La Diva de la Banda may have been struggling to make ends meet, but that didn't stop her from gracefully moving forward. Jenni got her real estate license and worked at her father's music label, Cintas Acuari, before getting signed to EMI in 1995.

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Jenni married Jose Trinidad Marin, the father of her first three children including, Janney (Chiquis) and Jacquelin (Jacqui). Despite sharing vows, it didn't exactly turn into a happy ending. Marin was abusive to Jenni and her children for years and ran from the police for nine years due to his child abuse case. Finally in 2007, Marin was sentenced to 31 years to life in prison for being found guilty of molesting his daughter and sister-in-law ten years earlier.

In an interview, Chiquis reflected, "It was very difficult. I always say that I am a survivor of sexual abuse. This idea helped me to teach my brothers that we can be strong, that nothing can make us fall."

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In 2003, Jenni divorced her second husband of eight years, Juan López, and father of her two children, Jenicka and Johnny. Six years later her ex-husband passed away after battling an illness. She told People en Español, "This is craziness. I've accomplished so much in my career, and at the same time they denied me the right to visit the man I onced loved during his last moments of life."

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In 2008, the Mexican singer weathered an explosive scandal after a sex tape featuring Jenni and a band mate was leaked. She sat down with Cristina Saralegui to set the record straight. “This really ruined my moral and it has been very emotional for me. I wasn’t in love, but I did like him and above all, I trusted him,” she said.

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La Diva de la Banda officially became the first female regional Mexican star to sell-out a concert at the famous Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City in California. Back in 2010, she was also the first singer to sell-out to concerts back-to-back at the Nokia Theatre. Talk about star power!

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In 2008, a fan accused the Mexican singer of attacking him during one of her performances in North Carolina. Oscar Alexander Paz filed a lawsuit claiming that Jenni threw a can at him and hit him with her mic. "The only thing I can say is that I'm not very happy about it, but I do take responsibility for what I've done," she said in an interview.

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The "Mi Vida Loca" singer got hitched with baseball player Esteban Loaiza in a secret ceremony back in 2010. The couple had almost one thousand guests at their wedding. Well, we all know how that ended up...

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Jenni filed for divorce from Esteban earlier last month. Although she has tried to keep her talk about the split minimal, she did comment about the split on her radio show, Contacto directo con Jenni Rivera. She said, "I'm really hurt, but I haven't opened up entirely about the situation out of respect."

Jenni also added, "I wish I never married him, that's the truth. I suffered a lot and now I see it was a mistake. The things that happened were terrible, bad enough that I finally stood up and said, 'no more, I won't take this anymore.'"

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After dropping a new powerful and heart-wrenching single titled, "La Misma Gran Señora, rumors hit that Jenni's daughter Chiquis may have had an affair with her step-dad, Esteban. Chiquis has denied the rumors, but mother and daughter have not spoken to each other in over a month - except for Twitter exchanges.

Chiquis posted, “Twitter off! I gotta go pray. This is too much. So sad and heartbreaking. I can’t even believe it. Mom @jennirivera you know how to get a hold of me. Everyone who has shown us support, thank you. But for those of you who haven’t, it’s ok, I don’t blame you. But I won’t let comments break me. God bless you all.”

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Jenni sure isn't letting her recent divorce and family drama get her down! She recently celebrated her eldest daughter Jacqui’s wedding for the Mun 2 one-hour special, La Boda de mi Hija (My Daughter’s Wedding). Besides rocking lingerie at Jacqui's bachelorette party, the newly single Mexican singer also shared some advice with her, “You should be married once and be married forever and that’s what your goal should be.”