Jenni Rivera's 5 Most Passionate Performances

Jenni Rivera's family carries on her legacy day in and day out. But aside from looking to her family members to remember La Diva de la Banda, we can't help but remember some of her best moments on stage.

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Watch some of Rivera's most passionate, unforgettable performances ever:

1. Jenni Rivera Best Performances: Billboards 2011

In 2011, Rivera hit the Billboard stage for a medley of three of her most popular hits.

2. Jenni Rivera Best Performances: Last Performance

Jenni's final performance was in 2012 in Monterey, Mexico. Looking back, it was one of Rivera's best concerts, ever.

3. Jenni Rivera Best Performances: Arizona, 2011

In November of 2011, Rivera hit the stage in Tucson, Arizona, having the crowd on their feet the entire time.

4. Jenni Rivera Best Performances: Ya Lo Se

Of course, one of Rivera's most noteworthy performances includes her hit song, "Ya Lo Sé". 

5. Jenni Rivera Best Performances: Mexico

In this performance, Rivera slowed things down for her song "A Cambio De Que" for a heartbreaking rendition.