Jasmine V’s New Song & Video Drops!

Mexican and Filipino singing sensation and Latina’s very own Beauty & Boys blogger, Jasmine Villegas, has over 1.5 million followers on Twitter, a faithful fan base she coined her Jasminators, and a brand new super catchy song that just dropped yesterday called “Paint a Smile.”

In the video, which is directed by Mike Ho and part 2 of her last music video “Didn’t Mean It,” the 19-year-old Cali native leaves her abusive boyfriend for good. Rocking a stylish grey beanie, black mini dress, biker boots, and a leather jacket, Jasmine jumps into an old-school Ford Mustang and leaves her boyfriend behind in a motel room in the middle of the desert.    

She ends up at a gas station/restaurant, where she paints a smile on (literally) in the bathroom with Cover Girl lipstick and mascara and cheers up the otherwise gloomy crowd with her upbeat, high-energy song. She also gets over her ex with the hot gas attendant, who she throws her keys to and takes off with in the end. You go, Jasmine!

Check it out: