Introducing Rita Indiana

When was the last time you listened to some exciting, new merengue? Well, Rita Indiana Hernandez is about to change all that. The 6-foot-tall Dominican singer and her group Rita Indiana y Los Misterios have created their very own experimental version of the genre using electrifying techno beats, 80’s pop ensembles and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. 

The group’s first album El Juidero, was recently released under Premium Latin Records, the label responsible for giving us bachata boy-wonders Aventura. Indiana, who refers to herself as “El Monstro,” has said: “Merengue is a super digestible rhythm, super danceable, and super easy to execute.” That definitely captures the vibe on the album, which proves instantly contagious with its sped-up beats, Dominican slang, and themes of urban life in her hometown of Santo Domingo.

The innovative artist is not just a singer, but also a former model, multimedia artist and novelist. Maybe that explains her recent stint as a screenwriter for a film starring, and based on, Calle 13.

Watch the video for Rita Indiana’s “La Hora De Volver”— full of futuristic animation, choreographed dancing, and outrageous costumes.