Introducing Polock

Warmer weather is coming, and as we put together our summer playlist we’re 120 percent sure Spanish indie pop quintet Polock will be on it. Their debut single “Fireworks” is the kind of up-tempo ditty that defines backyard bbq's and long drives with the top down while rocking neon Wayfarers en route to La Costa del Sol. The synth-laden hooks take us back to the 80s—possibly our favorite musical era ever— and remind us a whole lot of France’s Phoenix.

The group’s U.S. debut album Getting Down From the Trees was released last year under Nacional Records, which brought us Manu Chao and Bomba Estereo. Keyboardist Alberto cites The Doors, The Smiths and The Beatles as influential.

Already established in their native Spain (the band hails from Valencia), Polock just launched their first North American mini-tour this month, making stops in Los Angeles, Austin, Washington D.C., and New York. The tour also marks the first trip to the U.S. for most of the bandmembers. “We are not really sure what to expect. What we know about the culture and country is what we get from movies, music, TV, etc." says Alberto. That’s not a bad start!

Watch the new video for Polock’s “Fireworks” below.