Introducing Nite Jewel

Nite Jewel is the moniker of talented Mexican-American singer and songwriter Ramona Gonzalez whose much-anticipated 2nd album is being released on March 6th. The California native began her musical career recording on her multi-track cassette while attending college, and the rest is history.

Nite Jewel’s first album, “Good Evening” debuted to critical acclaim in 2008 and was featured on the Greenberg motion picture soundtrack along with musical greats like James Murphy and Duran Duran. Her soon to be released 2nd album entitled “One Second of Love” has been described as “a re-imagination of Golden-era R&B pop” with “future-classic sounds alongside vocal sultriness.”

All we know is we can’t get the tantalizing tunes out of our heads! Nite Jewel took some time to chat with Latina about her inspiration for the album and her pre-performance rituals – yes she does have a few!

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What was your inspiration for the album?

I was working on it for a while, so there were a lot of different inspirations over that period of time. The beginnings of it, though, came from that one second of love state that we as a culture find ourselves in. Our relationships are rapid and last for only a brief period of time.

What is your favorite track on the album?

That’s really hard, but I think that “Memory Man” might be my favorite. There are so many people who worked on it; everyone contributed something that they’re best at. I love the way that everything got pieced together in the end.

How did you come up with Nite Jewel for your moniker?

I was actually given that name by my friend who had a song on his record called Nite Jewel, but spelled slightly different. He was listening to the song and started calling me Nite Jewel. When I had finished a bunch of songs and started my MySpace page I stuck with that because it had been my nickname.

What Latin artists do you enjoy listening to?

My dad is obsessed with playing me tons of Latin music. I enjoy the classics like old mariachi bands and Los Panchos.

If you could choose any decade to be an artist in, which would it be?

The time period I would be stoked to work in as an artist would be from about 1978-1982. That cusp was an awesome time for music, the U.S. economy and innovation.

If you could partner up with anyone to make an album, who would it be?

It’s a hard question because there are a lot of different reasons to partner up with someone. It could be you just want to be around your favorite person ever, so I used to say ‘oh I really want to work with this producer because he’s the foxiest man in the world and I just want to be in his presence.’ I’ve learned a lot about when D’Angelo was recording "Voodoo" and the vibe and crew on that record would be the most inspiring. It would be amazing to work with those people.

Your album is being released in just a few weeks, what’s next for you?

We’re going on tour in the United States, Europe and possibly Australia. We’re going through the U.S. with our friend’s band Chairlift.

Nite Jewel's 2nd album "One Second of Love" is released March 6th!