Introducing Mexico-Based DJ Trio 3Ball MTY!

The Monterrey, Mexico–based DJ trio 3Ball MTY is quickly soaring to stardom, causing a stir near the top of the Billboard Latin charts with their album Inténtalo. The group, comprised of Erik Rincon, DJ Otto and Sheeqo Beat, is being credited as the new face of tribal guarachero music. Their Mexican rave beats are a catchy combination of Cumbia, Latin House and Afro-Cuban sounds coupled with vaquero-inspired dance steps. Although these three modern men don’t typically don the classic regalia, they are embracing tradition featuring the pointy-boot fashion in their “Inténtalo (Me Prende)” video.  

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The group, all under 22-years-old, started to really gain the attention of both listeners and critics when they began to rise to the top of the typically conservative Latin pop charts, according to The ability of these innovators to achieve such mainstream success has many questioning whether a musical revolution isn’t on the horizon!   

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Check out the nod to vaquero tradition in the “Inténtalo (Me Prende)” video below!