Introducing Joey Montana

Joey Montana, known for his work as a member of famous Panamanian reggaeton group La Factoria, is now treading into solo territory, and the American mainstream.  The 29-year-old Panamanian singer has a new album, Flow Con Clase, which came out last September and which tastes of both urban and pop.  It’s a blend of sounds that Montana hopes will help carve a name for him in music.  “In the end I decided to let my personality flow,” he said of first developing his sound.  “I refused to wear “bling-bling” and follow popular trends.”

The Panamanian singer has been gradually beefing up his presence in the U.S.  He made his national television debut on Univision’s Sabado Gigante when he performed “Tus Ojos No Me Ven” and since then, has traveled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Puerto Rico, Dallas and Houston to promote his album.  Montana also opened for Enrique Iglesias when the Spanish superstar performed in Panama this past June.  Last month in Miami, the singer performed “La Melodia” at the 8th Annual Premios Juventud.

Since the album’s release, the dimple-faced Montana has been on a whirlwind promotional tour throughout Latin America and the United States.  “Tus Ojos No Me Ven,” (Your Eyes Don’t See Me) a Latin pop song infused with cumbia elements, is the first single off of his new album.  The song reached the Top 10 on the Billboard Latin Urban charts in recent weeks. 

Montana wrote all the songs on Flow Con Clase and said he always tries to keep his song lyrics classy.  “I try to always give my fans something more sophisticated, without denigrating women, or running counter to cultural values,” he said.  “Without losing, as we say in Panama, ‘the urban flow.’”  It’s this same urban flow that saturates his entire album, which can be described as a blend of urban and tropical sounds with some pop. 

Becoming a “global artist” is one of Montana’s long-term goals – but for now, his simpler goal is to have others see him as genuine and unique.  “I want for audiences to discover what I’m really about – a pop-urban artist with a romantic essence,” he said.