Introducing: Domino Saints

Puerto Rican duo Domino Saints, Giselle "Gigi" Ojeda and David Leal, are representing a new hybrid of salsa, urban, pop, and electronic beats that will make it feel like summer all over again.

Their new single, “Malas Mañas” has made itself on our playlist for its infectious rhythm and spit-fast lyrics. We spoke to the dynamic couple about their personal mala mañas (bad habits), their new music, and more!

How did you guys start out?

Gigi: “We started when we were 15 or 16 years old. We met while we were in high school and I come from a musical background. When we got together we both loved the same kind of music like salsa, electronic, and dancehall. We were inspired to create something new and different that’s also danceable and fun.”

David: "We have a lot of things in common music-wise. We just want to express ourselves to our maximum potential and create new music that was interesting. That’s what Domino Saints is for us."

How exactly did you guys meet?

Gigi: "It’s funny. We met because of a shark…thank god! (Laughs). We were in the beach and I was floating in the water and his best friends saw me by myself and decided to approach me and all of a sudden there was a shark in the water! We swam out of there so fast! After it was all over, I was like, ‘Hey do you guys want to come over and hang out?’"

David: "Who knew shark attacks were so promising?" (Laughs).

How did you guys come up with the band name?

David: "We wanted a name that would represent our culture and the themes that we have in our music. We have reggae and Latin flavor in our music and we thought the name reflects that."

Gigi: "Names are very important. We wanted a name that would reflect our community and who we are. The game of domino is very Caribbean and so is spirituality. We think the name encompasses everything that we are."

What inspires you as artists?

Gigi: "Amazing composers and producers. I’m inspired by people who know how to own the stage and bring something fresh to their music."

David: "I love people that can sing from the soul. I don’t like fake artists and I could tell when there’s nothing there except for a pop star. It’s important to have passion. Artists like Hector Lavoe and Michael Jackson inspire me."

In honor of the single title, “Mala Mañas,” what are some of the bad habits that tick you off about each other?

David: "Wow it’s hard to say. (Laughs). We clash a lot, but at the same time we are passionate people so we put everything into our music, including our bad habits."

Gigi: "Maybe taking too many shots?" (Laughs).

What do you hope for the future?

Gigi: "Our biggest dream is to leave a legacy behind. Look at Mozart. He was a musical genius. People still listen to his music and he evokes so much emotion. Music keeps living and that’s something we hope happens with our music."

Listen to "Mala Mañas" below and let us know what you think!