Introducing Daniela Brooker

Daniela Brooker’s soulful voice has helped her land gigs throughout London and has even caught the attention of an acclaimed producer—that’s a quite an accomplishment for a 17-year-old!  A blend of pop, rock, and hip-hop, Brooker’s music has been winning fans across the United Kingdom.  Her upbeat new single ‘Turn It Up’, which was released earlier last month and which Brooker wrote herself, was picked up by the Chris Evans Breakfast Show, the flagship show on BBC Radio 2 in the UK. 

On the horizon is Brooker’s new single ‘Summer Love’, which will be released on August 8.  She already has a sold out Rockwood Music Hall and Soho House performance next month.  Brooker, who is half Venezuelan and half British, is a fluent Spanish speaker.  In addition to her hodgepodge of different sounds, she is set to release more Latin music.  We can’t wait to hear more of this emerging artist!

Listen to "Turn It Up" below: