Introducing Coni of Capsula

A member of the indie rock band Capsula, Coni Dushess plays bass while also providing some awesome vocals. We chatted with the musician to get her take on Capsula’s sound, her love of bass and being a rock n’ roll mami.

Tell me about your band, Capsula.

“We are a couple of Argentineans – Martin and I are a couple, we met in Buenos Aires. Not too long after, we started the band and we moved to Bilbao with the idea of touring all over Europe. During that time we were huge fans of rock mythology and the cities, so we were fascinated (walking) the same streets our favorite artists had walked, where the videos were shot and where our favorite music was made, (like) London, Berlin and Italy. Later on we made a base in Bilbao, Spain, close to France.”

Why travel to Spain to make it big in music?

“There are various reasons. One of them is that Martin’s family is from Spain. There was also some curiosity to learn about his origins. The early 2000s was a time where we had a lot of friends that were in bands and we used that to cling onto that rock band scene. From that moment on we had a platform in which we were able to perform in concerts and we started growing.”

How would you describe your sound?

When people listen to our music, they usually relate us to groups from the garage rock genre due to the guitar sounds. Also because of the rhythms and the construction of the songs, which have a very ‘60s sound. I think that the explosive combination of this Latino-Americano group, with a potent sound of rock but with a futuristic sound, is a powerful combination. “

Take us through a Capsula live performance.

“I really like all the energy while being on stage, connecting with the audience, and the crazy energy of performing the songs. But our CDs have a treatment that’s more psychedelic rock, not experimental because they are just songs. But (when we) perform those songs live, we give them an extra touch of energy and the audience goes into that new world and it’s a great experience.”

I heard you even performed when you were pregnant. True?

“It was a great experience, because I was on stage up to two weeks prior to me having the baby. And then two weeks after I gave birth, I was right on stage again giving concerts. And of course that’s our life, it’s like any other person in the same situation. We live for this. Music plays such an important role in our family. Our daughter has the chance to have that relation with music (and) its very gratifying. The difference is that when you’re pregnant your a different person. Every two seconds you (are aware) of the baby. I knew that every note of the bass, the baby was listening to it. So obviously (I was concerned about) protecting (my baby), because you are literally two people at that moment.”

Why did you gravitate to the bass instead of any other instrument?

“Ever since I was young I was always attracted to the serious melodies. When I was young I couldn’t differentiate the difference between a serious melody and a bass in a guitar. But the more I listened to CDs the more I realized that what really got me excited, and what I ultimately ended up remembering, were the sounds of the bass. So it was direct, when my brother first brought home a bass, I secretly took it and started practicing with it. And ever since then I never got put the bass down. I think that the first group that changed my mind about music were The Beatles. I still remember when I first heard a song from the Beatles and what I thought about the world before I heard their songs and what I thought afterwards.” 

What’s next for Capsula?

“Now we are doing these east coast concerts and we are finishing mixing our psychedelic rock and special sound effects to David Bowie’s graphical CD, and we are hoping to launch it in September. We are also revising our first CDs, (that were recorded in) Spanish. We have a lot of people that have asked us what our first CDs and songs (sound) like. So we have re-edited them and they are now available to the public. And after this tour we return back to festivals in Spain and in Europe. We hope to return back in September to do a west coast tour!”

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