EXCLUSIVE: Hamilton's Mandy Gonzalez Talks About Single 'Que Sera, Sera' & Upcoming Album

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You may know Mandy Gonzalez as the talented star currently playing Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton, but now the actress is preparing to drop her album, Fearless.

Gonzalez, who made her Broadway in Jim Steinman’s Dance of the Vampires, is releasing a seven-track album which included original song by composers like Jennifer Nettles, Bill Sherman, and Tom Kitt. The album also features a duet with Christopher Jackson, the Hamilton star who starred on Broadway’s In the Heights alongside Gonzalez. Back in September, the singer dedicated her title song which reference walls coming down, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, to the DREAMers. 

We recently caught up with Gonzalez, who gave us the inside scoop her new single, "Que Sera, Sera,” her upcoming album, and more!

Good news, #FearlessSquad! You won't have to wait until tomorrow to bless your ears with the highly anticipated remake of the 1950's classic. Latina has the exclusive premiere of Gonzalez's newest single, “Que Sera, Sera.” Listen to the song below and be sure to pick up your full copy of Fearless on Friday, October 20.

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What was the inspiration behind your latest single, "Que Sera, Sera?” 

The song was originally performed as a lullaby by Dorris Day, in an Alfred Hitchcock film, and whenever I heard the song I would think of the modern woman, and I wanted to put a spin on the song that represents the woman of today, the woman that I am. My hope is that Ms. Day, at 95, will hear it, and still connect with it.

The translation of "que sera, sera" means "whatever will be, will be" Was that life lesson taught from an early age in your life? 

No, I was taught from an early age that you must fight for yourself and fight for your own dreams, and what I've learned since is that you can only have control over so much. You start on a journey, your best intentions in mind, and you start by saying yes. I wanted my listeners to know that if they feel like they’ve gone off course, take it easy on yourself, and let your path unfold. 

Your album is titled Fearless. What does being fearless mean to you? 

I started the #FearlessSquad earlier this year to create a community of people supporting each other, where everyone belongs, and the album is an extension of that. Being fearless is about igniting our passions and challenging our limits to see what we’re capable of as a community, and what change can grow out of our combined strength.


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How did your Latin roots play a part in the making of your new album? 

My Latin roots influence every aspect of my life and I think it’s because I’m always conscious of where I came from and how hard my family worked to be a part of this country. I come from a long line of fearless dreamers. My family were migrant workers, people who worked in the field and did everything necessary to secure a future for their children. I live in that legacy, grateful to be able to make an album like this and celebrate and honor them. 

What exciting projects are you currently working on? 

Well, after the album is released on October 20th, I make my debut at the Cafe Carlyle four days later! I’ll be performing my new solo show, named after my album, October 24th through November 4th. And when I’m not performing as Angelica Schuyler in Hamilton eight times a week or filming episodes for Madame Secretary, I’m performing my favorite role, being a wife and mother, and making sure my daughter makes it to drop-off on time!

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