The 'Hamilton' Mixtape: 9 Badass Rise Up Lines to Drop On Instagram

The World Needs "Hamilton The Mixtape" More Than Ever
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This Puerto Rican’s brains are leaking through the speakers…

The end of 2016 is hitting me with a harsh cold reality: My president is Black, but not for much longer. Life after 11/9 just gets bleaker and daunting with every Donald Trump tweet, and the “browning of the world” that’s been celebrated over the past decade seems to be fleeting from my reach.

New Yorkers aren’t known to bow quietly, and that grit makes me proud to live here. When the stars of Hamilton’s Broadway reminded Vice President-elect Mike Pence that he has an obligation to “represent all of us,” the New Yorker in me rested easy, just a little. And while many called for a boycott of the juggernaut Tony award-winning play, the controversy only made it the hottest ticket in town, bringing in $3.3 million in a single week.

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While the show is virtually sold out for the next two years easily, its creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has enlisted music’s brightest roster for a mixtape adaption.  With remixes ranging from Sia and Miguel, to Nas and Illmatic superfan himself Lin-Manuel, The Hamilton Mixtape brings Broadway to Beats headphones in a way only possible with the grit of hip-hop music.

With the help of our mastermind friends at Genius, check out the lines from The Hamilton Mixtape that will help ignite your own self-revolution.

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