Listen: The 30 Greatest Freestyle Songs Ever!

Oh, freestyle music, you’re like the telenovelas of music—overdramatic and full of hopeless romantics. Did we mention overdramatic? Freestyle music was born out of New York City Latinos’ frustration from being excluded, by the mainstream media, as the co-creators of hip-hop. So they created their own style of Latin music: freestyle. It was the first genre of English language music to produce multiple U.S. born Latino stars—Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam, TKA, The Cover Girls, and George Lamond, just to name a few. Now, either if your big sisters bought freestyle vinyl records in the 1980s or if you discovered freestyle on iHeartRadio—here’s the perfect playlist for you. Cue the big hair, somber looks, and pursed lips!

1. Freestyle 1

“Let the Music Play,” Shannon

2. Freestyle 2

“Can You Feel the Beat,” Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

3. Freestyle 3

“When I Hear Music (It Makes Me Dance),” Debbie Deb

4. Freestyle 4

“Fantasy Girl,” Johnny O

5. Freestyle 5

“Spring Love (Come Back to Me),” Stevie B

6. Freestyle 6

“Change on Me,” Cynthia

7. Freestyle 7

“Come Into My Arms,” Judy Torres

8. Freestyle 8

“Take Me Into Your Arms,” Lil Suzy

9. Freestyle 9

“Together Forever,” Lisette Melendez

10. Freestyle 10

“Wishing on a Star,” The Cover Girls

11. Freestyle 11

“Point of No Return,” Expose

12. Freestyle 12

“Silent Morning,” Noel

13. Freestyle 13

“Bad of the Heart,” George Lamond

14. Freestyle 14

“Maria,” TKA

15. Freestyle 15

“Whispers,” Corina

16. Freestyle 16

“You Are The One,” TKA

17. Freestyle 17

“I Can’t Wait,” Nu Shooz

18. Freestyle 18

“Boy, I’ve Been Told,” Sa-Fire

19. Freestyle 19

“Dancing on the Fire,” India

20. Freestyle 20

“Dreamboy/Dreamgirl,” Cynthia & Johnny O

21. Freestyle 21

“Sending All My Love,” Linear

22. Freestyle 22

“Fallen Angel,” Coro

23. Freestyle 23

“I Wonder If I Take You Home,” Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

24. Freestyle 24

“Love Child,” Sweet Sensation

25. Freestyle 25

“Louder Than Love,” TKA

26. Freestyle 26

“Within My Heart,” Voyce

27. Freestyle 27

“Head to Toe,” Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam

28. Freestyle 28

“I Still Believe,” Brenda K. Starr

29. Freestyle 29

“Show Me,” Cover Girls

30. Freestyle 30

"Without You," George Lamond