Gloria Estefan Working With Pharrell on a New Album

Yesterday, the Queen of all Media, Perez Hilton, sat down with the Queen of all Cubans, Gloria Estefan to discuss her many projects – and one project in particular: a new album that Gloria is working on with rapper Pharrell Williams.

“We are working on something really cool,” confirmed Estefan of her rumored collaboration with Pharrell. “He’s got some great ideas, it’s just that with his schedule and my schedule, just to get into the studio itself is rough. But we’re going to do it.”

When Perez asked Gloria if it’s a dance album that she’s working on, the singer said, “You know that’s what you wanted and I try to give you what you want.” She added that one of her favorite albums is her “Glory” album and said she’s wanted to make another dance album for some time now.

Perez asked Gloria if she would consider being a judge on Simon Cowell’s new reality competition, The X Factor, but she didn’t seem interested in the job. “It’s hard for me to judge,” she explained. “I can be very sarcastic in my privacy but I can’t be mean to a new artist. I’m going to say that they’re good and they’re nice and nobody wants to see that,” said Estefan.