Gloria Estefan Week: Why She Thinks Pitbull Was Destined For Stardom

Gloria Estefan Fever continues! Given that Estefan collaborated with Pitbull on her new album, Miss Little Havana, we just had to ask her to give us her overall opinion of Mr. 305—who rocked LATINA’s Quinces party in NYC.

Here’s what Gloria had to say about her fellow cubano:

We love the remix of “Wepa” with Pitbull. When you first met him, did you foresee this level of success for him? What were your first impressions of Pit? 

My first impressions of Pit were of a guy that has taken a really tough situation in life and with his energy, commitment, professionalism, hard work, has turned it into a huge success story. And I'm his biggest fan just for that reason, besides the fact that I love what he does. He does it from his heart. When he did this remix, he was at the studio four days in a row in the middle of crazy promotion. He was like flying all over the world. But he's committed to doing something that he really feels is important for him to show people that you can do it. He's always a big motivator in that way.

What is it about his particular brand of music that you love?

On this remix he even addresses the tough situation that Latinos are in worldwide. And the fact that it's not gonna hold us back. Not just worldwide, but in this country particularly, when we see the anti-immigrant sentiment and the tough time that Latinos are having. Yet here he is on a dance tune celebrating and kinda driving the point home that we make a contribution. And I love that about him. I love how committed he is to what he does, how much time and effort he puts into it.

Pit has always mentioned you and Emilio as one of his most important influences, not just musically, but in life.

Well, let me tell you, it's a beautiful thing. And when we first met he told me about that. And I said, ‘Listen, that makes me so happy,’ to know that you were looking at us and saying, ‘Hey, I can do this.’ People need examples. It's like “Medicine,” the song on the new album. They need to be reminded that they are in control and that it's up to you what happens with your life. It's the decisions. You can be dealt a really shitty hand, if you pardon my English, yet take it and win. And that's what we need to do— we need to play the game well.