Gloria Estefan at the Latin Grammys: "I Hate the Red Carpet!"

You'd never know it by the effortless and impeccable way she presents herself every time we see her in public, but Gloria Estefan would rather spend an evening wearing sweats and writing her next hit than dressing up for an awards show.

Backstage at the Latin Grammys, the singer told the press that her least favorite part about her high-profile life is "the red carpet!"

But don't think of her as ungrateful. Estefan explained that she resists the red carpet parade simply because she feels more creative when she's comfortable. "To me, it's always about the music," she says. "The coiffure, the make-up and the gown is nice, but as a performer, you always want to do your thing, and comfort is very important." But comfort doesn't always go over well, especially at the Latin Grammys, where the more sequins and ruffles, the better!

When we asked about her powerhouse marriage to Emilio, she revealed that both husband and wife share the responsibilities in the Estefan empire. "Emilio doesn't ever wear a skirt, but we both share the pants," she said jokingly. In fact, it's Gloria who handles the finances, since, as it turns out, "numbers bore Emilio."

They bore us, too. Bring on the music!