Free Download!<br>New Music from Aterciopelados' <i>R&iacute;o</i>

Aterciopelados are more than just soaring vocals and worldly instrumentation. Since forming one of Latin America's coolest rock duos in 1992, singer/guitarist Andrea Echeverri and bassist/producer Héctor Buitrago have steadily championed peace, environmentalism and motherhood while melding indigenous rhythms with cumbia, electronica and punk. It's all heightened on Río (out October 21, Nacional Records), the duo's sixth album and their follow-up to 2006's Latin Grammy-winning Oye. The song "28" continues Echeverri's exploration of maternal instincts, while "Madre" focuses more on Mother Earth with Andean singers and didgeridoos cropping up in the most unexpected places. Knowing Atercios, though, the unexpected is precisely what to expect.

Click below for an exclusive free download of "28," from Aterciopelados' new album, or listen to a streaming version of the track. We especially love the the rap breakdown towards the end of the song by Gloria "Goyo" Martinez, a female MC from Colombian hip-hop trio ChocQuib Town (you might recall them from our Best Latin Music You Don't Know roundup).


DOWNLOAD: Aterciopelados, "28"