Father's Day with the Fonsecas

What does an internationally renowned artist do when he doesn't have enough time to spend with dad on his special day? He chills with him over some whisky cocktails with 100 other people on a yacht in Miami, of course.

Colombian singer Juan Fernando Fonseca (known simply as Fonseca) recently celebrated Father's Day by his papá's side at a Johnny Walker bottle engraving party aboard uber fancy yacht The Venetian Lady. (See below for more info on where you can get free engraving for your own bottle of the Scotch whisky's Blue Label.) The crooner—who is promoting his recently released Gratitud and treated the party guests to a sunset performance—and the elder Mr. Fonseca—who's a flower producer and exporter back in their native country—mingled with some of Miami's elite as the ship set sail from Miami Beach. Latina.com caught up with hijo y padre to talk a little about their relationship.

Your son's been doing this for a while. Ever want him to be a lawyer or a doctor?

Mr. Fonseca: No way, Juan Fernando has always had this crazy inclination toward music, since he was really, really young. I mean, his first live event was when he was 5, it's his calling. My wife, Ana Marcela, and I have always supported him—to us it wasn't news when he told us he wanted to be a musician. She really helped shape his future, she'd always shuttle him back and forth between school, voice lessons, different festivals, you name it. And today, of course, we're extremely happy and proud to see how far he's come and how recognized he is everywhere.

Fonseca: It was so important that they supported me like they did, because then everything just happened naturally. I can't even imagine how it is when a person wants to do something and others are questioning him left and right. I'm sure the person would start to cave and question himself too.

And where's the rest of the fam?

Fonseca: There are just too many of us! There's five—I'm the oldest, then Alejandro, who's a chef; Juliana, who's about to finish her degree in social communications; and the twins, Martin and Jimena, who are 13.

Mr. Fonseca: But we don't miss any of his shows! Or awards! Well, sometimes it's just my wife and I, but we've been with him at the most important junctures in his career so far—the Grammys, the Billboards, the Premios Lo Nuestro.

What do you think of what the world thinks when Colombia is mentioned?

Mr. Fonseca: You know, sadly what the world knows about our beautiful country is always the bad—but sometimes we don't help. Look at so many of the movies coming out of Colombia, they're about narcotrafico and guerrilla, when there's so much beauty show. Our people are spectacular, our nature is incredibly rich and our president is amazing. We may have our problems, but there are way more positive things to showcase. Hopefully we're helping change that perception a little bit.

So how do you guys manage to spend time together?

Mr. Fonseca: I'd love to spend more time with my son here in the U.S.

Fonseca: I spend most of my time in Miami now, even though I say I'm still living in Bogotá.

Mr. Fonseca: But unfortunately the pace of his life right now is crazy with all this promotion, it's hard. We try to make time for it somehow though. Spending these few days with him is the best Father's day gift I could have gotten.

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