EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jasmine V On Her Beautiful Hair: "I Got It From My Dad"

Jasmine Villegas

Unlike most girls, half-Mexican singer Jasmine Villegas didn't get her beautiful hair from her mom. "I definitely got it from my dad," says Villegas, who explains that when she was growing up, her dad had amazing hair. "My hair wasn't as pretty as my dad's used to be," she says. But the talented singer, who is best known as Justin Bieber's love interest in his "Baby" video, says that at 17 she finally has better hair than her pop. "Now I have better hair because he shaved it all off!" she says while laughing about the fact that her dad still keeps his pony tail in a drawer at home. Click play on the video below to get all of the hairy details (pun intended)!

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