EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Juanes On The Rumors That He's Quitting Music: "I Would Never Retire"

UPDATE: Latina has an EXCLUSIVE statement from Juanes himself. In an e-mail sent at approximately 11 p.m. on Tuesday, May 24, the singer wrote: "I would never retire. I just decided to take a small break. My tweets say it all."

Colombian rocker Juanes took to his Twitter page this afternoon to clarify reports that he was retiring from music for good, as AOL Latino had initially reported. Some even claimed he was dedicating himself to politics, which he called “a joke.”

Juanes often uses Twitter as a tool to speak directly to his over 2 million followers from all over the world, whom he says he “loves and respects, which is why I leave you with the truth!”

The star’s rep has confirmed that it is indeed Juanes who posts his own tweets, so we can all rest assured that he isn’t going anywhere permanently—just “making a little STOP to dedicate time to my family and myself,” as he tweeted.

Juanes’ rep reiterated the singer’s words on Twitter by issuing the following statement: "After a long period of extensive work and travel, Juanes has decided to conclude the P.A.R.C.E. tour at the end of July in order to spend time with his family and continue to work on new music."

The false reports of his retirement from the music world followed news that Juanes had ended his business relationship with longtime manager Fernan Martinez, who has also managed the highly successful careers of Julio and Enrique Iglesias, among others. No details as to why they’re no longer working together are available at this time.

“It’s true that my professional relationship with Fernan has ended,” Juanes tweeted. “It’s true I went through a tough moment with this last album,” he added in a separate tweet, alluding to the sales for his latest studio album, P.A.R.C.E. “It’s false that this was the only reason,” he wrote, adding that exhaustion brings all sorts of consequences.

We’ve seen this before—remember when our beloved Alejandro Sanz took a break from music after his father passed away and he then traveled to some remote location in Latin America to recover from exhaustion, but then he came back in 2007 bigger and better than ever? We sincerely hope Juanes gets the rest he deserves and takes the time that he needs away from work so he can come back to us when he feels ready.

Juanes will still perform in Spain in July, he reaffirmed. However, the remaining U.S. dates left on his P.A.R.C.E. tour have been cancelled (those included dates in Miami and Orlando in October 2011).

“I’m tweeting from the studio,” he tweeted, “I’m still making music every day, I just need a moment to reflect and be calm so I can keep going!”

That’s great news! Because we simply cannot imagine a world without your music, Juanes.